Where: Daystar School, 1550 S State Street, Chicago, IL 60605

When:  November 17, 2018 at 4PM

Potluck Sign-up Here


Dear Friends,


We hope you’ll join us for this last Laborer’s Celebration Gathering of 2018. We wanted to plan something that really emphasized the second word of our event – celebration. A Celebration of what God is doing in our city. A celebration of being called to build His Kingdom of Love and Justice here. A celebration of the many cultures, ministries, and stories that make up our community. THIS is Chicago. Let us marvel in  and appreciate it!


We’d like to invite you to bring your “flavor” to the table – literally! One aspect of this gathering will be a potluck. Think about a dish that represents you/your family. Maybe it’s a classic dish from where you were born, maybe it’s your favorite childhood snack, or maybe a dessert your culture eats to celebrate a particular holiday. It can be store-bought, it can be simple, as long as it’s YOU. You can find a spreadsheet in the link above with more specific guidelines. If bringing a dish is too much for you financially or otherwise, please don’t let that be the reason you stay home. We need people to share food, yes, but we also need people to eat! As we eat, we will enjoy house music and other sounds of Chicago before closing with corporate Gospel worship! It will be our version of a Chicago house party (we’ve even been workin on getting a bouncy house fo the kids!). Come gather for a joyful evening of food and fellowship. It won’t be the same without you there!