Bridge to Freedom


Bridge to Freedom: Bridge to Freedom (B2F) is a holistic faith-based residential re-entry program offering mentoring, job readiness training, life skills training and Christian discipleship. B2F works with incarcerated individuals who are internally and spiritually driven to change their lives. B2F is a long term program that begins one year prior to release. On acceptance to the program, the inmate becomes a student of B2F.  Prior to release we begin working with each student to help them clarify their God-given identity, gain vision for their destiny and develop a plan to walk out that vision through discipleship training and mentoring. After release from incarceration, B2F will provide housing and extensive training for up to two years.  The student graduates from the program when they have demonstrated a level of maturity and the capacity to sustain themselves and their families.


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Dr. Mica Battle

I-58 | Bridge2Freedom Director