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UIC Navs seeks to be safe community for students in which we discuss and explore the life and teaching of Jesus and questions about life and spirituality.  We offer discussion groups called “Encounters” in which we read a passage from the Bible and have an open discussion about it.


You also can get involved in service, social and large group events, “NavNights,” on campus and in the city.  No matter your background or experience with Jesus, we’d love to have you join us for an event or discussion.  Contact us or click the links below for more information.




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  • UIC Campus
    UIC Campus

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  • Encounter

    Open discussion groups designed to ask deep life questions

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  • NavNight

    Connect with other students while learning together about how to follow Jesus

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“Commuter culture is one thing almost on its own. You’re kind of always in a rush. You need to catch a bus, you need to catch a train, you go to class and you go home. The style of our Commuter Encounter really caters to that. You can stay for as long as you want, as little as you want.”

- Santhosh