This past February, Navigators staff and friends gathered at Vineyard Christian Church to celebrate and commission James and Sunita Puleo as the new Chicago Navigators city co-directors. This was our opportunity to empower and to celebrate, not only James and Sunita, but to recommission and to unite ourselves as Chicago Navigators, and to our shared Navigator Core, Vision, Values, and Calling.

This commissioning service was, indeed, a time of great celebration as staff fellowshipped and connected over dinner. There was also a time for worship and prayer as staff and friends oriented themselves towards the Lord.

A chance to gather together is precious in the context of our large city and sprawling suburbs. More precious even is the chance to gather for the purpose of commissioning, which realigns us to God’s agenda for the advancement of the Gospel in our ministries, our city, and world.

As part of this realignment, the Chicago Navigators are embracing a season of seeking God’s will through prayer. Meeting and praying together help us to establish unity, direct our gaze towards Jesus, and experience ongoing commissioning from God; the one who directs us.